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Are you ready to create your soul-satisfying signature program that makes a difference?

Are you a health coach or other healer with a burning desire to make a greater healing difference but struggling to launch or scale your practice?


Dr Shaunna accepts a small number of coaching clients into The Awakened Healers Program with whom she works closely to mentor them to success in creating their soul-satisfying, signature programs that fulfill their desire to heal in a thriving, sustainable way.

You do not need to have an existing clientele, website nor specific niche yet.

You do need to have a burning desire to heal and make a difference.


Are you ready to create your signature program that makes a difference and sets you free?

“earned $20,000 in the first 2 months
Dr. Catherine
“she will take you above and beyond anything that you can imagine yourself capable of”…..”tapped into a part of myself that I thought had died”…..”I am eternally grateful
Dr Selvi
“I’ve DOUBLED my clients”
“its about working with ease
“I am creating a business that fits my lifestyle“….”I love collaborating with heart centred healers
“she’s there every step of the way”
“I can be a powerful, strong, independent business woman and I can still also be a mom and I can do this at home

Imagine having a signature program: 

  • That is an extension of who you really are

  • That satisfies your soul

  • That attracts ideal clients begging to work with you

  • That is world class in your niche

  • That truly transforms people’s health

  • That makes a tremendous healing difference

  • That supports your family and your health

  • That gives you more time and freedom to live the life you have always wanted 

The World Needs You

With extreme burnout rampant in health care workers and a rapidly increasing incidence of deadly – but potentially preventable – chronic diseases, the increasingly important role of the health coach has emerged.

However, many health professionals with a burning desire to heal are unable to do so because they are either trapped in jobs that are sucking the life out of them or they can’t figure out how to make this work. The world needs your healing work. Now is the time for health coaches to rise.

Unfortunately, most health coaches are not coaching.

As healers observed my transition from burned out MD to blissed out health coach, it looked like a magic trick. But it is actually a repeatable specific, step by step process that my clients now use to create their own successful signature programs. Imagine a program designed to fulfill your soul’s purpose to truly heal and make a difference allowing you to thrive so that you don’t have to choose between making a living and living. 

Are you ready to break free and make a difference and a living with your own signature program? 

Awaken your inner healer 

Create your soul-satisfying program

Massively increase your impact, income and freedom 

Imagine expressing your unique healing gift without sacrificing your life! If you are ready to make a difference AND live a life of freedom amd joy, apply to create you successful, soul-satisfying signature program with me. 

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